The Giving Keys: Inspiring the World to Pay it Forward


The Giving Keys is a company that flourishes in paying it forward. Together they are unlocking job opportunities for those transitioning out of homelessness one key at a time.


Founder and CEO, Caitlin Crosby, cultivated this idea through her past of spreading body positivity and empowerment through a community called "LoveYourFlawz". When she found herself at the locksmith one day- inspiration struck her to stamp positive messages onto keys. She started giving away keys to people who were struggling with all kinds of things like cancer, break ups, job loss, etc. She then encouraged them to pay it forward by giving them away when they met someone who needed it more. This movement made an impact on people from across the country. Thanks to divine timing, Caitlyn saw a couple, Rob and Cera, on Hollywood Boulevard sitting under an umbrella, holding a sign that said "Ugly, Broke, and Hungry". She invited them to dinner where she serendipitously discovered that Cera made jewelry. An aha-moment was born and Caitlyn asked them to become engravers for "The Giving Keys" and they agreed to join the team which led to a movement that would inspire thousands.


"It wasn't a plan or idea I had. It was because I fell in love with a couple who were living on the street and asked to take them to dinner to get to know their stories and encourage them... it wasn't until then I had the idea to hire them to engrave the keys instead of the locksmith I originally paid to make them." ~ Caitlin


In present time, Caitlin's team is thriving with many makers that went from being jobless to now being a part of something much bigger than themselves. By not only creating jobs for the homeless in L.A. through their Pay it Forward movement, they have also formed a space for people out of their past and into their future. The Giving Keys has generated 133,435 hours of work for people transitioning out of homelessness thus far.


"Who we are tomorrow is not defined by who we were yesterday, and that with intention and hard work, we can create a future that is brighter than our past."


Each key is stamped with an inspirational words, such as dream, create or inspire. You can embrace your word by wearing it around your neck, wrist, keychain, or even as earrings.

Join the movement and unlock happiness with a giving key of your own- then pay it forward to a loved one or stranger to help create the ripple effect that will change the world.

Payton RodewaldComment