Women Empowering Women: Self Love Sessions


When women come together to celebrate one another in the celebration of self love, it's magic. That's exactly what this creative team of women are doing and more. Raelyn Ramey (photographer), Megan Staker (stylist & floral crown designer), Emily Powell (set design) and Marie Bernadette (makeup artist) come together once a year, inviting women to feel empowered in their own skin all in a two-day dreamy photo shoot called 'Self Love Sessions'.


This year the girls set the scene with lush botanicals, candles, vintage furniture and dreamy disco balls. All together these elements create the perfect atmosphere to celebrate and express the individuality of women. The photo sessions include personal floral crowns, makeup and hair styling, and beautifully made lingerie sets by Mercedes Blomberg, 'Show Me Yours Lingerie'.

She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear.
— atticus

Through the lens and editing of Raelyn, the pictures are complete with an empowering mood: telling a story of each woman's personality beautifully. In a time where the opinions of millions on social media can rule everything around us, it is so inspiring to see women come together in support of one another. Building each other up, one photo at a time.

If you live in Des Moines, Iowa (or around the midwest), be sure to follow these ladies so you can be a part of the celebration for their journey into Self Loves Sessions pt 3.

Payton RodewaldComment