Mega Babe Highlight: Bodil Jane


Bodil Jane is an artist from Amsterdam uniting women one drawing at a time in her own colorful, illustrated world. From animals, to adorable household settings, and relatable characters- Jane has captured the hearts of many and is now designing for fashion brands
and top magazines.


Girls, Girls, Girls


"I’m always paying attention to beautiful things that I can see everywhere: a funny raincoat, a beautiful tiled porch, cool typography, etc."


One of her recent projects, in collaboration with UNFPA, was to illustrate and capture the stories of girls around the world who are making a positive difference in celebration of Day of the Girl.


In love? Discover more of her work on her website & instagram! She also sells her illustrations on accessories, clothing, stationary, and home-goods!

Go ahead, go crazy.

Payton RodewaldComment