These Women are Making a Statement Against Sex Trafficking in a Big Way

These Women are Making a Statement Against Sex Trafficking in a Big Way


When it comes to expressing ourselves through what we wear, why not do it in a meaningful way? With all that is happening in today's world, we need to raise our voices in a louder volume-- and thanks to supportive organizations around the world we are able to wear these important statements and express ourselves in new ways. MY SISTER is one of these impactful groups making a difference one t-shirt at a time.

MY SISTER is a badass group of feminists on a mission to prevent sex trafficking, educate communities, empower the population- all through ethically sourced, statement making clothing. Not only are they making waves through threads, they're also reaching survivors and at-risk women who are in need to aftercare and growth opportunities.


"Our apparel items feature bold statements that are meant to start conversations surrounding sex trafficking. "


MY SISTER has raised over $121,200 for their non-profit partners and has provided over 3,162 hours of survivor employment. By providing this funding they are able to support programs that work to identify at-risk youth and women, and prevent situations that can lead to trafficking. Through their sustainable work they are able to provide sustainable job opportunities for survivors around the world, helping them escape exploitation in a safe, empowering work environment.


"In order for those affected by trafficking to get out of a bad situation, stay out, and begin to heal, there has to be a path forward and ongoing support. We believe that creating jobs that are safe and sustainable is a vital part of this."


Every effort made, big or small, works together to create a positive change. Today MY SISTER continues to provide support and love for hundreds of girls and women around the world. Their shop offers a variety of t-shirts and accessories that speak volumes. Their current featured collection Choir Up, inspired by warrior Amber Tamblyn, donates 25% of proceeds to GEMSGIRLS (Girls Educational & Mentoring Services), fighting exploitation and trafficking. 

Shop to make a difference today.



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