Lonely Lingerie: The Second Skin You'll Love


A New Zealand-based design house, Lonely Lingerie, empowers women through lingerie, swimwear, and clothing. Each Lonely collection is inspired by the women who wear it, capturing a consistent design essence committed to comfort, unique silhouettes, and custom prints and fabrics.

Their mission is to take away the expectation of how you should look in a product and emphasize the importance of how it makes you feel. All of their delicates are made of stretch lace for the perfect fit. They also manage all pattern making and grading in-house, which is becoming more rare in today's fast-paced industry.

Photographs courtesy of Lonely Lingerie

Photographs courtesy of Lonely Lingerie

For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves
— Helene Morris, Lonely Designer

Along with designing meaningful, delicate pieces, Lonely also brings their collections to life through the 'Lonely Girls Project'- a journal featuring women around the world captured wearing Lonely in their own unique ways. Through these beautiful visual stories, Lonely continues to foster a sense of body positivity and freedom of expression.

Lonely has flagship New Zealand boutiques in Auckland and Wellington, with stockists across the globe from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Through their endless array of colorful, lacey threads- it's impossible not to find something that speaks to you. Treat yourself and spread the body love. 


She Lives Here: Josefin Dahlberg

She Lives Here: Josefin Dahlberg