A Mixtape for When You're In Love With Yourself


Self-care, self-love is getting a lot of hype these days and I'm here for it. There is nothing better than seeing people around me put themselves first. It's okay to be selfish sometimes, because at the end of the day you only have yourself. You have this one body, one life. Listen to it more often and I promise you, you'll find yourself in a happy place.

This February mix embodies all the feelings and vibes that only enhance the love I have for myself (with hope that it does the same for you) and is perfect for those days when I'm feeling off. These songs have followed me all over- some I discovered while overseas for the first time, some were introduced to me by friendly strangers, and some I've shared the best times to with the people I adore. 

Grab some tea, rub on your fave face mask, and get the bath bombs ready because this mix is all about chillin' out and indulging in you.



Payton RodewaldComment