Why Putting Your Money Where Your Value is The Best Decision You'll Ever Make

Sylvia Plath. (c. 1957.)

Sylvia Plath. (c. 1957.)

Money. We come face-to-face with it every day and yet sometimes it seems to escape us in ways we don’t consciously realize. Do you ever wonder where it all disappears to? I know that I've built a habit of turning a blind eye to my bank account. Ignorance is bliss, right? Let's face it, the truth may sucker punch us in the face, but it could be the very truth you need to become more smart with your money. When I saw my money flowing towards happy hours, morning lattes, and impulsive online purchases, I realized that I was only funding momentary bliss and not exponential, long-lasting growth. With a few challenging but absolutely necessary sacrifices, here’s what I’ve learned.

“there’s never enough”

Time and money are somewhat comparable. We’ve all been in a place where we’ve felt lack of one or the other. Here’s the deal- Time is more valuable than money. Our time here on earth is limited. We all have an expiration date. If you see money as being limited, you’re looking at life through your circumstances. We all have the power to shift situations and perceive them in more positive ways. We can mold the clay when it comes to how we attract money into our experience. Time is more sensitive, for example if your twenties have come and gone, you’re never getting those years back. Money is fluid. It comes and goes depending on our point of attraction. Take advantage of the time you have to root yourself into creative possibility. Seek the things that you’ve been wanting to learn. Keep adding to your value until your cup runneth over. You will soon be unrecognizable if you do this consistently everyday.

Your money is worth what you spend it on

A question to ask yourself: Are you spending money on things that will keep you stagnant? You might wonder why your life feels like a never ending pattern of the same decisions and circumstances. Our habits are what makes us who we are and if we’re not careful we can get stuck in a loop of our own sabotage. When you put money into things that contract you or numb your inner magic, your money is worth a lot less. The more we hurt our body, the more we could potentially face problems in the future (medical bills, doctor visits, etc.). The whole saying “live in the moment” can really f*ck with this. I can recall a time too many where I knew better, but chose differently because I thought I wasn’t already living in a fulfilling moment. The moment we stop habitually numbing ourselves, or seeking instant gratification is when the real magic happens. We then create a space for endless ideas and intuitional guidance that will then lead us to what we want to accomplish.

The fix: Invest in you. Do what lights you up, take a trip away to disconnect and reconnect to yourself. Get equipped with the tools you need to succeed. Don’t spend time on things that don’t add value to your life. Spend more time learning about yourself. Use what you have to work on your skills, or create new ones. Buy books, buy online courses, and expand yourself. Add to your awareness so that you can give that awareness to the people around you. All of this will pay off. You’ll be rich with the knowing of who you are and the money you need to support your endeavors.

you are more than your current bank statement

Develop yourself first before expecting to see a big number in your bank account. Take some time and find out what makes you unique. Unplug for a while and be an antenna for ideas to flow freely to. I honestly feel that the reason we feel so creatively blocked is because of all of the modern day distractions we have around us. So yes, put your phone on airplane mode, set a timer for thirty minutes, and quite your mind. You’ll be surprised on how rejuvenated and inspired you’ll feel after this.

There’s so much free information out there and inside of you. Dive in and you’ll find ideas that are in alignment with who you are. If you’re ever at rock bottom, remember that you’ll still be okay because you are capable of bringing value to the world in so many ways. The gift you have for the world is absolutely in demand.

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