10 Ways to Meditate When You're Feeling Lost





The power of meditation is real- it can expand our consciousness and improve our overall well-being. Not all of us have the desire or the passion to just sit down, cross our legs, and be absolutely silent for a certain amount of time. Luckily, meditation takes to many forms- both in stillness and movement. It could be something that you love doing that gets you absolutely focused, like painting... or it could simply be just taking time to pet your cat. Whatever that thing is for you, do that every day. It's all about bringing everything back to you and you. Because you are the most important of all in your life.


Here are 10 different and simple ways to meditate when you're feeling lost:

  1. Light a candle in a dark room and watch the flame, let the light fill your eyes until all you see it's glow. Breathe.


  2. Write a love letter to someone you care for. Let whatever you feel flow from you without thinking it- without ending it. Send it without reading it over.


  3. Open your windows and listen to the world surrounding you. Close your eyes and listen to all the sounds.


  4. Ritualize your routines. Commit to every action you take with your full attention.


  5. Hold your hand to your heart and with every beat say "I am alive, I am alive, I am alive".


  6. Find wherever there is grass near you and lay in it. Let it touch your skin. Take off your shoes and root back to earth. Watch the sky change for you.


  7. Let yourself feel every sensation as it touches you. Know you are touching it too.


  8. water your plants. Send them love.


  9. Go for a walk, breathe in the fresh air, observe everyone and everything- every detail, every movement.

  10. Sit with your pain, dance with your joy.