How to Find Balance When Life Feels Uneven


Balance is something we all crave in life. We need a bit of yin and a bit of yang to feel whole. When we feel triggered or just a general sense of off-ness, this usually means that there's something we're not nourishing within ourselves. Finding balance will help steer us in a better direction when it comes to filling the void. The first thing you should ask yourself is: "What does a balanced life look like to me?" because it is different for everyone. A lifestyle that works for someone else could be completely wrong for you- which is why it is important to first know exactly what you want out of this life. 

Here are some things that have helped me reset and find balance throughout my own experience:


build your life around your core values

Becoming familiar with what makes you light up with passion is a key ingredient to valuing yourself and your energy. One of the most important things to know about your values in life is to understand what feelings you want to experience, because after all, values are emotions. List out the things in life that are most important to you. Whatever you write down first is at the top of your hierarchy and the rest that follow are filtered through that. This is the best way to recognize why you make the decisions that you do and could also be the means to breaking out of certain habits. You can't fully take control of your life if you don't know what you stand for. The more you can hold yourself accountable to your values, the less likely you'll be to drift away into a place of uncertainty. You'll find that procrastinating the tasks that really matter to you will be a thing of the past and your time will be used to your advantage.


what is your outcome?

If you are familiar with Tony Robbins, then you probably already know what I'm talking about. A lot of us are not really living out our day-to-day experiences, instead we are on auto-pilot. To be more self-aware, question yourself daily: "What is the outcome that I'm looking for?" Whatever the answer is, focus on that. We don't realize how much time and energy we waste on people and certain situations where, in the end, they are not moving us forward towards where we want to be. Start setting intentions every day. If you intend to live this day out of love, you will do just that. Having strong intentions will keep your more aware of where your energy lingers daily so that you can let it flourish in areas of your life that need it the most.


Primary and secondary food

Diet has always been a big part of where I struggle the most to find balance. Sometimes it's hard to decipher when I'm eating for the genuine love/hunger for food vs. over indulging because of my emotions. As humans we are constantly seeking to fill a void within us and the majority of us reach for outside substances- which is where this concept may help.

Primary food is the healthy relationships, activities, the career, and spiritual practices we experience daily- the things that make us who we are as individuals. When primary food is balanced, what you eat is secondary. This method can help shed light on the gray areas in your life that need the most attention. Whatever it is for you, be sure to feed your mind and spirit before your emotions take control. When you fall into routines based around self-growth, you'll find that, that void doesn't seem as endlessly consuming anymore.


Disconnect to reconnect to self

This is probably going to start sounding cliché by now, but taking time away from social media can be liberating. Everyday we are bombarded with information, pictures, videos that are taking us away from what really matters to us. The endless scrolling turns into wasted time that we can’t get back. Take an hour or two to yourself in the morning and at night to disconnect and feed your mind information that is actually useful to you. Read a book, talk to a friend, or just go out there and meet someone new. You can discover so much more about yourself offline and find a beautiful balance in it all.


own your life

At the end of the day, this life is yours. You know yourself best- the food, the clothes, the experiences that make you feel the happiest. The moment we let other people's opinions get in the way, is when we can suddenly lose our sense of who we are and accidentally start living someone else's life. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are all tailored differently so how could one way of living be right for all? Listen to your intuition. Be more aware of what your body is asking for. The guidance is there inside of you, but only if you can get away from the noise outside of you.


I hope that this was helpful for you, as I am still working on finding balance in my own life. Try one or all of these things and see if it makes a difference. This is simply a reminder that your time is precious and you are valuable. You have the means to take control of your energy and emotions to start shaping your life exactly the way you want it to be.


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