5 Ways to Attract Ideas That Will Change Your Life

5 Ways to Attract Ideas That Will Change Your Life



Whether you're wanting to start a business, working on a school project, or just trying to hone in on your mind for creative ways to express yourself, ideas are the true gold you're reaching for. Just like everything in life, ideas come and go. The trouble is, if we aren't aware, they can slip right out of our minds as if they never happened. As insignificant or little as some may seem, they're like a trail of breadcrumbs, that can lead you down the path to something absolutely amazing.

Here are ways you can attract more valuable ideas that will help you achieve your most ambitious goals:



1. Find time for you

In the fast-moving society we live in today, it is easy to get hung up on Instagram from hours, or get lost in a Netflix binge. The glowing screens that are in front of us can actually distract us from our true intuition. Simply setting aside an hour upon waking up and an hour before bed to disconnect and reconnect, to you, can make the biggest impact on your life. When you wake up, resist the urge to grab your phone right away. Instead, get up and move your body, drink water, and set a positive intention for the day. At night, instead of laying in bed and falling asleep to your screen, close your eyes and think of everything you want to see in your life and just breathe. Not only will you wake up happy, you'll find that your dreams become more meaningful as well. Two hours a day of just letting thoughts fly by and a ideas flow in will give you full control of how your day starts and ends. Take control.


2. Get lost in creativity

Is there an artistic bone in your body just screaming to be used?! Maybe there's a talent that you haven't worked on in a while. Whatever that thing is that makes you feel most alive and creative- indulge in that. Get your hands dirty. It's okay to get lost in a painting, or a song, or even a poem. Through these outlets we allow our minds to relax in a happy, loving place, which in turn lets ideas flow in naturally. What you put out into the world always comes back, so make something beautiful today.


"I have an idea a minute. i'm a born idea myself"

- Fleur Cowles


3. collect inspiration

Where do you find your inspiration? Whether it's creating boards on Pinterest, or spending time in different coffee shops, tap into those things. Dedicate a day to just going outside and capture the things that give you inspiration. If you don't have a lot of time during the week, dedicate an hour a day to visualize the things you want in your life through mood boarding and listening to your favorite music. All of the above are windows to ideas that will help your passions bloom into reality.


4. shake things up

If you feel like you're falling into the deep abyss of blah routine, switch it up. Indulge in a candle lit dinner for one with a good book, walk down alleyways (that aren't dark and creepy, of course), order something that you don't normally get at a coffee shop, go to the cinema by yourself, give out a compliment to a stranger, dress up for no damn reason. These little things will ignite a spark within you that will get you inspired. You may just end up finding things about yourself that you never knew.


5. shift your perspective

At the end of the day, it's our thoughts that shape our reality. By changing the way you see things in a positive light, the things you see will change dramatically for the better. The next time you're caught in a not-so-great situation, find the silver lining. Nothing is worth your precious energy. If you can find your alignment, even on the rainiest of days, little miracles will be more clear and bright ideas will be endless.

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