6 Ways to Reset Your Life for 2019


The new year is when we feel most inspired to start a clean slate- even though I’m sure most of us realize that we can restart any day that we choose. The shiny, new freshness of an unmarked calendar can be just what we need to get our minds in a space of transformational ideas to better our lives.

Here are 6 beneficial ways to practice resetting your life new year:

Cleanse your space

Your home may have the biggest influence on how you go about your day-to-day life, so it’s crucial to clear the clutter. If your closet is overflowing, go through it and see what you could donate or sell. I’ve had tremendous luck with selling my lonely clothes on Depop and local swap & sell Facebook groups. Clear out those spaces you’ve been putting off so that when the new year arrives, your home will have more space for the things you value most.

check off those pesky to-dos

It’s time to clear the cobwebs from your mind and cross off those tasks that you’ve been procrastinating. This could mean booking appointments, replacing broken things around your home, cleaning your makeup brushes, or canceling subscriptions you rarely use. Taking care of these easy wins will make you feel lighter when easing into the new year- bringing your focus onto the things that will stimulate your passion for life.

Reflect and plan

Before we can move forward into the exciting unknown, it’s important to reflect on our victories and unwon battles. What have you learned? What held you back from conquering a fear? Did you accomplish what you set out to do in 2018? In what ways can you make the new year even better? These are the kinds of thought provoking questions to ask yourself so that you can take a real honest look at what you can improve on.

After introspection comes planning. Get yourself a cute as hell planner, or start a bullet journal. I personally find it helpful to write everything down in one little book that I can take with me wherever I go- that way my goals, dreams, and ideas will always be with me. When writing down your future plans, highlight the events you’re most looking forward to in bold colors. Anticipation will have you illuminated in 2019.

Set your resolutions / goals

Some resolutions can be so overwhelming that by February we’ve already fallen off the bandwagon. Focus on your short-term goals first. The magic of checking just a couple, simple things off your daily list can transform your life in a matter of weeks. The better you get at accomplishing short-term goals, the more likely you are to land the long-term goals. Start small and you’ll find yourself in the bigger picture that you’ve dreamed of.


create an inspiring environment

Set yourself up for success by designing an environment that will prevent bad habits from happening. If you’re over scrolling endlessly on your phone, hide the addicting apps. If you want to read more next year, surround yourself with books. If you want to cut out certain foods, don’t keep them in your home. It’s all about painting yourself in the picture that you have in your head into reality. The much desired version of yourself is real and sometimes it only takes a few environmental adjustments to match it.

Get visual

As a very imaginative pisces, this is my personal favorite. Simply take time to lay out your 2019 story in pictures. This could be a mood board that you have on your wall, or a Pinterest board that you visit daily for a boost. When you have a clearer vision of what you want in life, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it. Your intuition is always providing you with ideas and answers to your deepest questions. Creating a vision board will help align you with that inner voice so that you’ll know the next steps to get you to where you need to be.

Payton RodewaldComment