Flow Into Your Power with Vernesa Hasanovic

Flow Into Your Power with Vernesa Hasanovic


It was a slow and sunny Saturday morning that I met Vernesa. I basically stumbled into my early morning yoga class almost wishing I hadn’t left my bed, but I’m happy I did. Vernesa was teaching that day and she had the most welcoming presence. One of my favorite things about her class was her intention to challenge you, but also keep you present in the moment. To take things slow and to be one with your body in every pose. This is something she preaches not just in practice, but in everyday life.

As I got to know her more I realized that Vernesa is the big sister I never knew that I needed. Her words will keep you grounded and she will give you the best advice- all with an open heart and mind. Meet Vernesa Hasanovic.


How would you describe yourself - Who is Vernesa?

One word to sum up Vernesa is unconventional. Hi, I am Vernesa and I am an energetic, passionate, intelligent, and strong women. Self-description is difficult, because that means self praise which today equals conceded.  I am working on how to properly compliment myself without drawing unnecessary attention, and maybe just maybe you find it difficult to do so as well. So finish this next sentence for me: I am _________. You define yourself with the most positive, graceful verbiage and then repeat it until it feels true. For example I repeat to myself: I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am enough.  

When did you realize that yoga was going to play a big role in your life?

There was no magical clicking point of when I discovered the healing power of yoga. I was a fragile girl, which just left inpatient treatment and rediscovered yoga. I noticed my mental state begin to improve, and it drove me to dive deeper in discovering who Vernesa is. It was not till recently that I truly redeveloped my own personal practice, and since been experiencing a flourish of benefits. Metaphorically my eyes feel less hazy, and my mind is more in-tune with the present moment. Time to slow down, and be my most authentic self.

What’s your sign? What do you feel that says about you?

I am an Aries. I used to be avid on checking my horoscope, but truly I do not believe in it at all anymore. Horoscopes are very broad and meant to target the population at a large, while it can truly seem like your horoscope is spot on. I am working on living in choice of how I show up, feel, and how to cultivate my life; so taking guidance and direction from an app is not authentic to who I am. Next time you feel the urge to check your horoscope ask yourself “Do I need a moment to reflect on how I feel, or am I needing reassurance from an external source to drive my next move?”

Do you believe in inspirational mantras? If so, what's yours?

“Your reality is your perception, even if it is not real” OR “I am enough” One of the most powerful mantras or phrases I live by. We each hold different perspectives to each situation, and who are we to tell someone that what they believe is not the truth? Approach each situation with compassion, curiosity and see how that situation translates.

What is the biggest thing that has changed in your life since starting your yoga journey?

Like I mentioned before, the ability to SLOW DOWN. I am a very high drive human, and my mind works at a million miles per hour so allowing myself to slow down is crucial. Slowing down looks like reengaging into the universal moment, stepping out from just operating, and creating deeper connection.


“Yoga is fluid, and our lives should work fluidly there is no perfect way, practice, or path.”

Describe your go-to yoga practice:

I have found my latest practice being lead by teachers at Powerlife. The teacher also needs to be able to be teachable. Breathe is something that is unique and sacred to each of us, breath allows me take my work internally.

Besides yoga, name three other things in your life that you're passionate about:

My family, my dogs, and always striving for deeper connection and curiosity.

What’s your favorite song at the moment and why?

I listen to such a variety of music, but I do have an AMAZING book recommendation. Please, please, please read Heart Talk by Cleo Wade if you haven’t already. Such a powerful book, especially for young women, or anyone really.

What kind of impact do you hope to make through your classes?

I would like to answer this as I want to change the world, but I am being realistic (for once). I just want to host an invitation to self-development, and learning how to love. I am right there with you, I am not an enlightened yogi nor do I promise to lead you to becoming the great divine. Yoga is fluid, and our lives should work fluidly there is no perfect way, practice, or path.

Lastly, if you could send one message to young women everywhere what would it be?

Be kind to yourself, please. There is so much good in this world if you choose to see it, and so much darkest if you choose to dwell on it. Cultivate your surroundings, and your internal world as something so precious that only the kindest, most compassionate, healing creatures are allowed inside. This includes you, be kind to yourself. I spent a long duration of my life hating myself, and I cannot bear to emphasis the importance of self-love and awakening your best self.  You are pretty damn amazing now, but imagine if you unlocked that part of you that feels lost, empty, non-existent. Sit still and work on yourself, you are precious. You are important. You are worthy. You are love.  

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